Frequently Asked Questions

How can I listen?

You can either use web or app. To listen please visit . Bookmark the page, so you can come back easily.

How does this work?

Seya Radio is a 100% internet-based online radio station. We don’t use regular FM frequencies. We use the internet to stream content to your devices. 

What do I need?

Just any device with an internet connection. 

Which devices are supported?

Almost any, which can browse the internet.

How about the coverage?

Anywhere! Since we based on the internet, you can simply listen to us in any country. Even in mars if you have internet 😀

What is seya ?

Seya is branding by SL Geek. We have an online store, physical shops, several services with the name of seya. Hope you like the name. Inviting you to listen. 

How to send suggestions?

You can send suggestions easily through email. . Mention Seya Radio in the title.